The Mole – Season One: The Mole Is Revealed


“One of these people, is The Mole.

Of the other two, one will win one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.

And one will walk away …with nothing.

The Winner will be the person who knows the most about the identity of The Mole,

and It will be decided by a computer questionnaire.”

It’s down to the final three on The Mole:


The Pin Head


The Billy Idol Wanna-Be


The Ranga

It’s the moment Australia has been waiting for.

Who will win? Who will lose? And who will be revealed as a traitor…


“Here we are, this is why you’re here. The reason for it all…

We’ve prepared three cells, one for each of you.”

For some reason, Grant really comes across as borderline psycotic in this scene. There’s just something in his eyes.

I'm having fun in this prison. Are you?

I’m having fun in this prison. Are you?


Jan looks especially frightened.

Grant leads them to each to a cell, and locks them in.

"Tell my children I love them......."

“Tell my children I love them…….”

The the final three think back over their entire experience and talk about what is influencing their decisions in this final quiz.


There is a lot of money on the line, each selection, needs to be answered with a high level of careful thinking. And while this tense final quiz is taking place, and the whole of Australia is holding its breath, what is Grant (The Boss) Bowler doing?

The only logical thing to do!


Seeing to the fire of course! …Duh.

“The results, are know known. Of the two contestants, The one with the highest score is the winner.”


Each of the three, is given a key, only the winner has been given a key that works.

Grant instructs them to try their key, and after a few moments of rattling noises, the centre door pops open.


Will it be, Abby, Alan or Jan?

#Sam Face

The suspense is KILLING Sam!

And the winner is……


Jan Moody

And it looks as though she really was in fear that psychotic Grant was never going to let her out of that cell. She is sobbing, stuttering and the first words to come out of her mouth are…

“C-c-c-c-an  w-w-w-e  let  A-b-b-b-b-b-b-y  a-and  Alan out.”



It is probably the strangest reaction I’ve seen from a winner, but as strange as it is, it’s also incredibly sweet. It feels like Jan has completed this massive adventure and is just really overwhelmed. She just collapses into Grant’s arms and it doesn’t matter that someone was The Mole, she made genuine connections and friends and was desperate to get them beside her.

But, this is a T.V. show, and we can’t just let the other two out. Jan knows who The Mole is, and we still need to reveal that person.


“This key, opens the cell of The Mole.”

The music changes, and the sweet, victorious moment, becomes dark and sinister once more. Abby or Alan. After eight long weeks, Australia is about to find out.

Who Is The Mole:



Alan Mason

The likeable, cheeky guy with the Tasmanian Tiger t-shirt was working against the team from day one.

A true moment to remember in Australian T.V. history. One of the first and most exciting reality shows we’ve ever had in this country.

The simple question, that intrigued us all, had finally been revealed.

Jan and Alan embrace, congratulate each-other and ask for Abby (the loser) to be let out of her cell.


So, Alan Mason leaves Tasmania, to be remembered forever as our first ever ‘Mole’.

And Grant…

has just scored two chicks.




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